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Other current solutions in the market are insufficient to tackle all the problems efficiently and hence creates an opportunity for platforms like Ethearnal to exist.

The total market size of the freelance / gig industry has been estimated in excess of $1.5 trillion, according to survey results released by Upwork in partnership with Freelancers Union. The different kinds of gigs available include jobs like technology-related services, administrative support, Design & Multimedia, Writing & translation, mobile, sales & marketing, finance and legal jobs. Ethearnal also has a live demo in place for users who want to get a feel for how the platform would operate, once operational. And in a situation where they are not satisfied with the outcome, they are not liable or committed to pay the freelancer. Affiliate marketing is payment based on sales achieved, a $13Billion market with large trust and tracking issues caused by middleman Affiliate Network. Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) and pioneered the use of sophisticated data encryption to protect sensitive data and payment information.

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  • Public sale: 75%
  • Founders: 20%
  • Bounties: 5%

Vitali Green CEO of Kuoll Vitali is the co-founder and CEO of Kuoll Inc., a startup providing conversion monitoring and error analytics services to e-commerce businesses.

Ethearnal is here to save freelancers and employers from these costs, while also monetizing them for reputations earned as freelancers or contractors. Built on the Ethereum platform, Ethearnal has its presale going on until February 27th. with blockchain smart contract it is possible to use lines of codes to enforce terms of trade and ensure that each party would abide to the set agreement. These jobs represent the daily livelihood of a most resident of the United States and account for the highest jobs available within this region. The second is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a new way to fund startups operating on the Blockchain. After Zynga, he founded and went public with an innovative technology company for the cannabis industry.

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Other applications: The platform can also be used to watch ICO projects and ensure they deliver on the promises of their token offerings.

The centralized freelancing websites do theirs by listing job referencing and talents that match them, thereby creating a way to establish communication between the freelancer and the employer. ADP handles core HCM needs and builds tools for their clients to pursue innovation in a way that has never been experienced in HCM technology. The panel consists of people who are implementing Blockchain and have done ICOs or are preparing to do ICOs. The only in this industry with an entirely custom-made blockchain build from scratch and fully open network capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on the chain. Ethearnal combines reputation and economic initiatives into one by tokenizing reputation and giving it value. This panel will discuss how to think about leveraging blockchain in your platform as well as how to leverage an ICO to fund your startup.

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He is currently leading the evolution of the identity platform into a single, global identity platform and the eradication of passwords in favor of more secure and convenient authentication methods. A seasoned tech start-up consultant, Anthony has worked in project and portfolio management, logistics, resource allocation, and agile practice development. She is an active writer on crypto topics and advises investors, funds, and select startups in the blockchain space. 20:42 09 Jun Welcome to the Vault12 Community Telegram group - Start Here Vault12 is a digital custody solution for safeguarding your crypto assets, powered by decentralized, distributed and serverless cryptograp This is achieved through smart contract manipulations and quorum functions. … 17:49 08 Jun Hello everyone, since many of you have joined us recently I wanted to welcome you and thank you for joining the Vault12 community.

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Attrace is the first fully decentralized affiliate marketing platform.

He has over 20 years of experience in identity and access management spanning managing product portfolios at companies such as Oblix, Oracle, and Citigroup. As an advantage to freelancers, they could take up multiple jobs in a month as much as it is available and not be bound to one particular employer. More and more people are now freelancing by choice, with technology making it easier to find freelance work. They’re focusing on the financial sector, and aim to replaces middlemen in today’s financial markets with autonomous smart contracts. He is also leading several innovative Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) within the Blockchain space. Ethearnal’s solution: Ethearnal is disrupting the conventional freelancing ecosystem by building a niche for its self with a smart contract enabled business platform.

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Standard ICO Report Structure: Freelancers contribute quite a lot to the global economy as the market has an estimated global worth of over $1.5 trillion USD.

FOR THE FULL DISCLAIMER, DISCLOSURE, PRIVACY POLICY, AND TERMS OF SERVICE FOR USE OF THE SERVICES, PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE: WWW.THECRYPTOSPHERE.CO APEX passes value and data ownership back to consumers, increases marketing effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty. However, freelancers would have the opportunity to buy, sell, or be rewarded reputation tokens or ERT for completed jobs as a freelancer or employer. Often times, these communications are established through third-party web service listing or as ads on publishing web platforms to establish direct communication with the freelancer.